Brain cells continually send messages to each other that can be picked up as small electrical impulses on the scalp. The process of picking up and recording the alpha waves is known as EEG.   An MRI scan analyses only alpha brainwaves and damage to the central nerve system is not visible. A brain biopsy with an MEG (magnetoencephalography) will assist in providing more information about brain damage. The manipulation of the central nerve system using electro-magnetic frequencies means that the diagnosis of a targeted individual during the targeting will not be accurate; although the damage to the brain can be observed. The remote neural monitoring sofware is not considered by doctors when producing the diagnosis; hence the targeted individual needs to consider that aspect.


The measurement of bio-signals is a legal proof of electronic harassment.  MEG records patients' thoughts but doctors will not utilise it except to check for brain damage. 

The unique brain frequency is also currently used to open cars and create passwords  for laptops, buildings and in the future airplanes will be stopped when a person with a different biometric hijacks the plane.  The fact that electro-magnetic and radio frequencies alter behaviour,  and also the plane systems,  means that it is not possible to determine whether the plane will have an accident. Some businesses such as airports use P300 technology to check their intentions; although they may board the plane electronically harassed.


Using sleeping pills and medication or  theta brainwaves with headphones to compensate for the lack of sleep due to targeting will not result in more sleep. The brain will not be able to ajust the difference in electricity  and the targeter will keep varying it.

Lock-in syndrome victims use technology to read and transfer the thoughts into a computer and it is useful to record voice to skull targeting.

The targeting might involve people falling sleep at the wheel, blurred vision or  a heart attack.  Jaguar Mind Sense Project uses the steering wheel to check heart rate, respiration and brain activity using sensors embedded in the steering wheel.

Neuralink by Elon Musk and Facebook are developing technology capable of using the same technology in order to record thoughts and manage brain performance. The resulting products would assist targeted and non-targeted individuals in avoiding electronic harassment and recording evidence.