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The use of UK mobile numbers from abroad in order to cause financial damage to the organisation has resulted in us not answering any phone calls from any UK mobile number to the detriment of the UK and Irish community and businesses. The payment does not come from donations but from the Founder's own limited financial resources. It is recommended you write to our  Company's House registered address with a stamped addressed envelope and blank paper in order to obtain a detailed answer or arrange a Skype call at a convenient time.

Recommended Actions: 

6.  Join a targeted individuals' group to ensure support is

      provided as there is no public knowledge about remote

      neural monitoring software, international laws and its public

      health effects.

1.  Check your computer, mobile, emails and  social media for    


2.   Private MEG (magneto-encephalogram) from a private doctor

      to record for evidence the state of your brain activity, a cell

      count and a brain biopsy. 

4.  Record evidence of radiation daily with a meter and any activity

     by gangs linked to electronic harassment resulting in theft,

     vandalism, harassment or other illegal activity.

5.  Gang stalking is the manipulation of the central nerve system. 

      Criminals will use it to separate the targeted individual from

      family members, friends and employers in order for  public

      services to have a poor record and not been able to have

      credibility when facing trial or providing evidence of targeting.

3.  Public services are not trained on electronic harassment and

     any referrals will be used to section under the Mental Health Act


7.  RFID chips do not manipulate the central system, it is a software

      to track the location of the individual.  The biosignature of the

      different cortex points is required  to target with remote neural

      monitoring software and remote neural monitoring software

      does track without the need for RFID chipping.