Biological process control weapons are simply a signal generator linked to a high frequency radio transmitter linked to a wave guide.  It is the wave forms that feed into the transmitter,  which are propietary and highly classified. Only the signals affecting the nervous system are essential for remote neutral monitoring.


In order to determine safe exposure levels and to understand the effect of RF/MW , it is necessary to know the absorption characteristics of the human tissue. The deposition of energy specified under milliwatts per square centimeter (mw/cm2)  over the irradiated surface is also specified.

The RF/EMF meter provides evidence of electronic harassment.

-  Air traffic control systems.
-  Aircraft instrument landing systems.
-  Radar surveillance.
-  Microwave repeater systems used for              
    broadband communications links.
-  CCTV, speed cameras.
-  Very low frequency radiation from electric fields
    radiating from high voltage electricity grid,
    transmission lines, transformers and power cables.
-  TV and radio.
-  WIFI.
-  Wireless phones/mobile phones.
-  Bluetooth.


The spectrum analyser checks wireless signals from 5MHz-2700MHz (1kHz resolution).

Federal Communications Commission (2007)


Mirrors behind the targeted individual, playing two music stations at the same time and some protective clothing will reduce the frequencies. The electrical equipment in the house is a conductor for RF/EMF and it should be checked.

Electromagnetic radiation of radio and microwave frequencies passes freely through walls and roofs.

The fact that the criminal targeting with remote neural monitoring can reduce the frequencies or switch off should be considered when measuring.